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How Attackers Used Math Symbols to Evade Detection | Cyware Alerts

Cybercriminals have provide you with one more new trick to lure their victims. Some phishing actors are noticed utilizing mathematical symbols on impersonated enterprise logos to keep away from detection by anti-phishing techniques.

A brand new technique to evade detection

The attackers have used three mathematical symbols for spoofing the Verizon emblem. This features a logical NOR operator, a checkmark image, or a sq. root image. The usage of these symbols created a minor optical distinction to idiot AI-based spam detectors.
  • The spoofed messages fake to be a voicemail notification with an embedded Play button. When clicked, the person is led to a phishing portal created to impersonate the Verizon web site.
  • Notably, the touchdown area (sd9-08[.]click on) just isn’t associated to Verizon’s official webspace.
  • The phishing marketing campaign is utilizing lately registered and unreported domains and the spoofed website seems very convincing. 
  • Furthermore, the emblem on the pretend web page is unique, because the attackers stole a number of HTML and CSS code parts from the official Verizon website.

The artwork of persuasion

In addition to making a convincing pretend web site, attackers used some further workflows to comfort the victims.

  • On the fake page, a focused person finds an alleged voicemail. Customers are requested to offer their Workplace 365 account credentials to proceed additional with the voicemail.
  • The primary login try reveals an incorrect password message, whereas the second try reveals a bogus error that stops the login course of.
  • This pretend error step is added by the attacker to ensure the password is entered appropriately or not mistyped by the customers.


Cybercriminals usually shock safety groups with their easy but progressive ways. The current marketing campaign has proven that customers might be fooled if they don’t take note of minute particulars. Due to this fact, specialists advise customers to be alert whereas opening emails from unknown senders and to by no means open hyperlinks or attachments inside them.

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