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The SEARG region

The Southern African Rabies Group (SARG) was founded at a gathering of rabies scientists, diagnosticians and policy makers in Lusaka, Zambia in 1992.

All of them had an interest in rabies, aiming to establish the true extent of rabies in the 10 countries that attended the first meeting.

In 1993, the SARG became the Southern and Eastern African Rabies Group (SEARG). Since then SEARG has grown and now covers 18 countries, an area 10% larger than that of the USA and with 25 million more people.

SEARG is linked to WHO and OIE.

SEARG was founded as a forum for gathering and disseminating rabies information and knowledge; its objectives include:

  • To engage the different countries in the group and influence their rabies control policies to evolve taking into account latest information and technology on the disease.
  • To encourage members to conduct adaptive research and use of rabies control strategies used successfully in other parts of the world.
  • To solicit funds to be used in conducting rabies control/eradication projects.
  • To critically analyse rabies control/eradication programs in the Southern and Eastern African Regions and come up with innovative ways of improving such programs.
  • To encourage dialogue between all scientists working on rabies especially between medical and veterinary scientists.
  • To provide technical training and assistance to its members.

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